AG&G CPR Training Center is dedicated to
meeting the needs of the Houston community
by offering a variety of American Heart
Association classes. Learn the most up-to-date
information from an experienced American
Heart Association instructor and practice skills
in a relaxed learning environment.
" I would like to thank you on behalf of the Houston Military Entrance Processing Station, for performing a
Great job with the BLS class that was held on December 5, 2014. Our Doctors were very satisfied with
your presentation and the way you conducted your class." L. WEBBER, MD., December 2014.
AG&G CPR is fully-accredited by the American Heart Association where you can earn your
HeartSaver CPR and AED, BLS Healthcare Provider, and/or Heartsaver First Aid
certification.  This is not your typical CPR class. Our classes are energetic, entertaining, and
inexpensive. If you are looking for the traditional long, dry CPR class this isn't it.
Reliable CPR training provider – AG&G CPR Training
Center was named as one of the Top 100 CPR Providers
in United States in 2013. Classes are led by a Highly
Qualified and Experienced Instructor, Dr. Alberto Leal
(formal MD doctor and surgeon). While many CPR
instructors out there have never "actually" performed the
life saving skills they teach, we at the AG&G CPR
Training Center performed these skills on real victims.
Our main focus during the classes is on realism, and what
to "really" expect during a real life or death or emergency.
American Heart Association certification cards are
received the same day.
Small class sizes with personal instruction.
By having a lower number of students in the
class, then we can offer more individual
attention to each student. In addition, our
classes combine theory and practical
application that can be life-saving when used
Hands On Training and Equipment that is
plastic dummies of the head, neck, and upper
torso and are built with inflatable lungs and a
student will use a mannequin to practice the
CPR technique and provide feedback.
HeartSaver CPR
HeartSaver CPR & AED
BLS (Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider)
CPR & First Aid
First Aid only
We offer...
Telephone : 281-893-8290
Class Location : 3730 Cypress Creek Parkway,
Suite 226, Houston, TX, 77068
Email us :
Mailing Address : PO Box 682494
Houston TX 77268